Facilities Management

Building Maintenance and Facilities Management

Total Property Maintenance Inc. name’s origin can be summed up by our most requested service: total property maintenance. Hand over the day to day operations of the facility over to us. We can prep the building in the morning before your staff comes in such as schools, the workplace, offices and many other buildings that need time to open up. For many businesses, they save money by having an external company come in and take over those tasks.

Daily Checks and Work Orders

It can be a pain waiting on a scheduled visit by a plumbing company or electrician to stop by. Our team is skilled in handy man services. Not only can we perform general maintenance which has been proven to save money by preventing bigger issues from occurring, but we can also fix most problems that do show up. We handle full maintenance and small repairs. This can include minor plumbing, heating repair, ac repair, led upgrades, exterior lighting, minor electric, fixing toilets, door knobs and even small jobs like hanging pictures. We try our best to take care of issues immediately.

Catered and Customized

It warms our hearts when we hear our clients say “I’ve never been treated so well by a company like this before.” We achieve this by having great people on our staff and catering to the client’s needs. Our company is not locked into any one solution for businesses. Management and maintenance can include setting up for meetings, functions, inspecting the facility and any other item that specifically your business needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help.