Hello there from the Young Family!

My name is John Young, owner of Total Property Maintenance Inc. I am the 3rd generation of this multi-talented family owned business. My grandfather, James Young, started the company because of a passion he had serving people with what he was good at. He repaired, cleaned, maintained, organized, operated, whatever – you name it. Eventually he brought his son, Mike Young (my father), into the business. From there, my father continued the legacy and in turn, brought me in to take the helm when the time was right.

Having my own personal passion brought into the fold, I have been able to take our hardwork to new levels. Continuing to stay client focused, providing superior service and maintaining our integrity is the driving force behind Total Property Maintenance Inc. As the generations before me, we are a self motivated family that strives to set the standard when it comes to commercial office cleaning, offering janitorial services, maintaining buildings and managing facilities. My work is my passion. 

Sticking with tradition

Even though I was born and raised in Asheville, NC, I have come to enjoy living in Raleigh, NC for over the past 22 years. Alongside me is my beautiful family. I am married with 2 daughters. One in high school and my oldest helps run the business alongside me. My love for my wife and daughters drive me to exceed expectations of our operation to one day pass the legacy on as well. We hope to provide you top notch service in whatever area you need help with. Experience the difference with our team.