Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial office cleaning like no other

Have you experienced working with a franchise that offered office cleaning? Did you feel you overpaid or didn’t get your money’s worth? This is a common question that has come up for our clients. We work hard and diligent to make sure you feel the benefit of a local company. This means we don’t waste time on gimmicks or sales pitches. Our work and our long history of clients are a testament to our abilities. 

Our services can range to whatever you need. All inclusive – and we really mean it. As we like to say, “We cover from your toilets to your ceiling.” Our team takes care of floors like strip waxing, carpet care, vinyl flooring, terazzo flooring, mopping and vacuuming. Daily routines include dusting, cleaning, wiping down surfaces and sweeping. Any type of cleaning you need for your office, just ask and we will provide the best service we can.

Maintaining a healthy environment

As we have seen in recent years, there has been a growing importance of a clean community to protect each other in the workplace. Total Property Maintenance Inc. adheres to any and all regulations to make sure your office is clean and safe for anyone. We offer flexible plans catered to what works for you. Offerings include daily cleaning, monthly or quarterly. There should be no worries on nickel and diming as some of our ‘big’ competitors unfortunately do to too many businesses. If you have a question or concern, we make sure to take care of it in a way that benefits you. Our clients are why we are still around 60 years later.

Any commercial building

Not just offices but any commercial building. No matter the size, we have the solution. Our commercial office cleaning services fits all sizes of buildings, big and small. Contact us today with what you are interested in getting cleaned, maintained or even repaired. Pricing is based on the customer needs, so there is no set packages. Level of service can be adjusted as well. Maybe you need a simple cleaning or advanced cleaning like shampooing carpets. We appreciate any and all questions. Let us go above and beyond for your commercial company.